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Creating a better future for elephants
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The elephants and people live in harmony.

We started as a project in 2018 with the sole purpose of raising awareness on Bornean elephant conservation, founded by a passionate elephant lover and conservationist, Dr. Nurzhafarina Othman.


​Our work is primarily in the Kinabatangan region of northern Sabah, dedicated to conserving the endangered elephants through scientific research, community engagement, education and awareness programs.

Together for a better tomorrow

Coexistence can only unfold with greater tolerance and collaborative effort from communities living near wild elephants to policymakers.


Check out our recent projects:


Elephant Knowledge Gap: Effective Management in Oil Palm Landscape


Assessment of Adrenal and Reproductive Function in Male Bornean Elephants Living in Oil Palm Plantations with Different Management Practices


Mystery of Bornean Elephant Death Crisis: Investigating Root Causes and the Link to Dietary (In)organic Contaminants

Help us protect Bornean elephants!

Human and elephant coexistence is a complex and pervasive problem that occurs wherever Asian elephants and people share the same habitat, often competing for the same resources. But can this continue?


Support our work to protect elephants and their habitats along with the human communities that live with them.

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