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Protect & Respect

Our Vision

The elephants and people live in harmony

Over the years, our perception of Bornean elephants has shifted from mere giants of the wild to incredible beings with remarkable intelligence and emotional depth. However, as our understanding of the elephants deepens, so does the complexity of human-elephant conflicts.


To achieve our vision, we have identified seven critical scenarios that represent successful coexistence between humans and elephants.


At the heart of our mission is the belief in "Seratu Aatai", meaning "solidarity". We strive to create a society that willingly and capably takes responsibility for safeguarding elephants in Sabah. 

Together for a better tomorrow

Coexistence can only unfold with greater tolerance and collaborative effort from communities living near wild elephants to policymakers.

Current Projects

Status: Ongoing

Improving Population Size Estimation for Bornean Elephant in Tabin Range & Segaliud-Deramakot-Tangkulap-Tawai Complex

Status: Continuing

Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict Through Livelihood Insurance for Elephant (LIFE) in Sabah Malaysia Borneo

Status: Ongoing

Landscape Approach to Safeguard the Future of Bornean Elephant in Lower
Kinabatangan, Sabah Borneo

Current Projects

Help us protect Bornean elephants!

Human and elephant coexistence is a complex and pervasive problem that occurs wherever Asian elephants and people share the same habitat, often competing for the same resources. But can this continue?


Support our work to protect elephants and their habitats along with the human communities that live with them.

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