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Education & Awareness

STEM Education

We work with schools to help educators inspire students in STEM. We also engaged with STEM Club students to include elephant conservation and environmental education in their co-curriculum activities.


Our education programs encourage students and young people to venture into conservation or other fields related to STEM subjects and make a difference in their schools and communities. Activities include teaching and exposing the students/young people to STEM skills and experiments; the students will learn more about elephants by using mathematics to plan and coordinate migratory routes, do science to understand the phenomena of elephant behavior, and use technology to build sustainable communities, to develop their interest more in science or technology.



  • Help the young generation understand the world applications of their learning.

  • Teach them the essential skills when going into the conservation career path.

  • Encourage critical thinking and problem management skill, and use real-world applications to promote innovation.


One of the projects we are currently working on is creating a STEM Module for Secondary School Students - "ELEPHANT: WHAT"S IN THE POOP?" that will be completed soon.


Bornean Elephants Virtual Reality Film

With the support from Oregon Zoo, Seratu Aatai and Imagine Blue Media deliver inspiring and educational community education videos using 360-degree virtual reality (VR) technology. We will produce three videos incorporating elephant behaviors, ecology, and safety needs to be taken when you are around elephants. We aim to deliver educational VR classes to local communities and help shape the future of Sabah’s elephants through community engagement and public awareness.

This is a sample of the video we have created.

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